The San Francisco Parent Training Institute

Welcome Families!

You are the reason that the Parent Training Institute exists. 

Below are answers to some questions that families may have about the Triple P parenting classes sponsored by the Parent Training Institute. If you do not find the answer you need here, please contact Reneka Gaines at 415-920-7715 and she will be happy to help you.

What will I learn in Triple P parenting?

Triple P Parenting recognizes that parents are the experts about their children. In all Triple P classes, it is YOU, the parent, who will decide the goals you would like to set for your child and yourself, and YOU who will select the parenting strategies to try at home with your child to achieve those goals.

Triple P will introduce you to 17 strategies to help you achieve your parenting goals, improve your relationship with your child, and confidently manage child misbehavior. Some of the specific ways these strategies may be useful to you and your family are by helping you to:

  • Improve your interactions with your child through use of special time and praise
  • Be clear and confident when talking with your child
  • Develop realistic and age-appropriate expectations for your child’s behavior
  • Monitor your child’s behavior and set goals for behaviors that you would like to see more of, as well as those you would like to decrease.
  • Encourage desirable child behaviors through positive reinforcement
  • Manage child misbehavior using effective, non-punitive strategies
  • Control your anger when your child misbehaves or pushes your buttons
  • Manage your stress
  • Prevent child behavior problems at times when your child may be most at risk of misbehaving (for example, at restaurants, in the supermarket, waiting in a waiting room or line)
Who may take Triple P parenting classes?

Triple P parenting classes are intended for parents and caregivers of children ages 2-12. The classes are appropriate for almost anyone caring for a child: birth parents, foster parents, guardians, relative caregivers, and babysitters. They are also approved by the Human Services Agency (HSA) for parents needing to fulfill a parent education case plan requirement.

How do I find out when / where Triple P classes are offered?

To find out where and when Triple P classes are being held, please see the Upcoming Triple P Classes tab on the right of the screen. 

What languages are Triple P classes run in?

Triple P classes in San Francisco are available in English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Arabic.

Is childcare provided at Triple P classes?

All Triple P classes are now being held virtually. When in-person classes are held again, childcare will be provided free of charge.

Is food provided?

All Triple P classes are now being held virtually. When in-person classes are held again, meals will be provided free of charge.

Is transportation assistance provided?

Once in-person Triple P classes San Francisco resume, participants can receive funding from the PTI to help families with transportation if they need it. The group facilitators should offer you this assistance, but if they do not, just ask them and it will be provided to you.

How long are the classes?

Triple P Group + Pathways classes are comprised of 11-13 weekly 2 hour sessions. You will need to complete 75% of the content-focused sessions (e.g., not counting graduation) in order to graduate.

Is there anything else I should know about Triple P classes?

The PTI is committed to providing San Franciso’s families with parenting supports that are accessible, respectful, and helpful. To ensure that all parents attending Triple P classes are aware of the supports available to them (such as free childcare and transportation), a 1-page PTI Promise to Parents is given to each parent at the first class session. Here are the Spanish and Chinese versions.