Information for Facilitators

Information for Facilitators

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Facilitator trainings are usually held twice a year. One is held in the Spring and one is held in the Fall.

Support calls are held twice a month, via Zoom with a Triple P America trainer.  On these calls, we discuss support and guidance around running Triple P classes.

Focus Groups are held two times per year. One is held for facilitators and one is held for parents. 

At the beginning and end of each Triple P class, every agency will receive a summary report detailing improvements (changes) in parenting measures from pre to post-test.

Before You Start:

Before starting any Triple P class, facilitators must contact the PTI for a 20 min logistical call to make sure you have everything you need.

Pre-assessment: completed before parent/caregiver receives any Triple P content.

Post assessment: completed once facilitators holds last Triple P content session and parent has satisfied 75% attendance.

Participant Focus Group June 2023


Class was great and very helpful.

the [Triple P] class was supportive, and the facilitator was helpful.

The facilitator broke things down in prospective and made it easy.

It was good to talk to other parents and know that their children had similar behaviors.

It’s a good support to be with other parents getting knowledge to pass on.

I liked the book and all the strategies.

Participant Focus Group August 2023


I enjoy seeing the parents feeling comfortable enough to engage in the class discussion though they may have their own personal challenges.

I enjoy being able to see the parents get along with one another and build friendly relationship.

I appreciate interacting with the parents and listening to their story.

I like seeing [parents] give advice to each other, support each other.

  • PTI does support agencies with food, childcare, transportation, and incentive funding, if the agency does not have funds allotted for those items. If agencies would like to be reimbursed, they must complete the funding request form before their class starts.

About Triple P

For more information about the Triple P program, please see Triple P America’s website here. For information about finding a free Triple P class in San Francisco, please click here

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